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  • Parish complex Simeri Crichi

    The parish complex, in pivoting on the churchyard, is split in two buildings: the parochial spaces with the parsonage, the classrooms and the parish hall, occupy the northern part of the lot; the church building fits on the grounds, with an ancient attitude of overlap with the old church, orientating itself theologically to the east and towards the urban community.
    A church rooted in the ground, a base in rammmed earth which is expression of the place, where a white liturgical hall rises vertically and reaches out frontally with the apse to testify its orientation.
    The horizontal layering and the softness of the material used, the pisè, give the liturgical hall an atmosphere of quiet, silence and concentration, accentuated only by the fragmented light coming from the apse.
    Terra cotta is the material for the altar and ambo, which with their patinations and the insertion of bronze and ceramic elements stratify in the way of building a structure that is a significant place, a place of meaning, an interweaving of meanings.

    Client: Arcidiocesi Metropolitana Catanzaro-Squillace
    Year: 2020
    Location:  Simeri Crichi, Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi), Francesco Ferretti, Stefano Finelli
    Structural design & MEP: Marco Cherici
    Landscape design: Gianna Galgani
    Artists: Ruberval Monteiro da Silva, Ivan Theimer
    Liturgist: Francesco Zucchelli
    Collaborators: Martina Ancillotti, Margherita Di Nasso, Isabella Grechi, Stefano Lacala, Virginia Marini, Clemente Nativi, Tecla Nencini