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  • Cathedral liturgical adaptation Sessa Aurunca

    The altar is positioned centrally with respect to the raised presbytery, the point of greatest visibility of the entire Cathedral. Symbolically, the formal and material choices of the liturgical furnishings narrate a dynamic that from the altar, place of grain, bread, food, the gift of life, turns towards the ambo, place of the word which is also the origin of fruitfulness and of life, nourishment, and then to the chair, where the word becomes teaching and therefore life.
    The new liturgical fires and artworks will be carachterized by a contemporary language, mindful of the rich figurative palimpsest of the cathedral. The careful analysis of the geometries and materials of the place, together with the symbolic apparatus of adaptation, has been reworked in a series of works which, without indulging in the strategy of mimesis, follow the path of analogy with respect to tradition, of which some characters, colors, signs are extrapolated, essentialized through a process of abstraction and rarefaction, capable of rooting the new elements in the place while still demarcating a diachrony with respect to the ancient works, with which they also establish a happy dialogue.

    Client: Diocesi di Sessa Aurunca
    Year: 2022
    Location: Caserta, Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi), Clemente Nativi
    Artists: CaCO3 (Âniko Ferreira da Silva, Giuseppe Donnaloia, Pavlos Mavromatidis)
    Padre Matteo Ferrari
    Collaborators: Elisa Diviziani, Greta Filiaci
    Images: Prospettica