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  • Casa Canaglia

    The project involves the subdivision of a large barn recovered in the early 2000s into two  units, one of which has been enlarged in volume.
    The latter, in order to meet the needs of a young Chianti couple, is equipped with a new vertical connection and redesigned in its interior spaces.
    Handmade terracotta, oak wood and travertine characterize the warm and welcoming environments, always in direct visual contact with nature outside the house.
    The relationship between inside and outside is in fact a material and perceptive constant of the project.

    Client: Private
    Year: 2020 – 2021
    Location: Sambuca Val di Pesa, Italia
    Dimension: 130 mq
    Team: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi) – Studio Architettura Pucci
    Collaborators: Tecla Nencini
    Contractors: Hallulli Enver, Trambusti, 2P, Falegnameria Frazzetta
    Suppliers: Cotto Manetti, Arredo di Pietra, Malte Storiche, Illux 
    : Fabio Semeraro