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  • Housing Altamura

    The new residential building is characterized by the extensive presence of balconies that protrude from the shell in a play of full and empty spaces, of light and shadow. The continuity of these loggias gives the project a horizontal scan that is well proportioned with the surrounding urban context. The generous openings are aligned on the four fronts, outlining the syntactic composition of the building even more clearly. The choice of construction materials, cladding and external arrangements derive from the desire to create an architecture with a high quality standard but with limited maintenance and management costs. The reuse of rainwater and solar energy allows the creation of a building based on the circular exploitation of resources in order to reduce waste, maximize natural energy sources and create a model for future projects in the neighboring area.

    Client: SIL CO. s.r.l. – Gruppo EDIL CO
    : 2023
    Location: Altamura (BA), Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi), Francesco Martella, Fabrizio Berloco
    Structural design: Tommaso Macella
    Collaborators: Francesca Luppi, Margherita Serdino