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  • Masseria Termetrio

    Specific interventions on the different architectural typologies allow the conservation of the architectural-historical heritage of the buildings, through the adaptation of the structures to the new function of socio-cultural pole articulated in the definition of common, aggregation or passage spaces for the use of visitors, such as make the masseria and the various trulli structures perceived as a unicum.
    The use of traditional materials and techniques for architectural restoration is balanced by the reductionist language of interior design, where fixed furnishings and furniture in steel, stone and wood characterize the environments with a warm and sober Mediterranean domesticity.
    The project aims to redevelop the entire site also on a landscape level, reactivating and increasing production in the surrounding fields through the insertion of new trees and the maintenance of current species, a principle of biodiversity well rooted in the tradition of the place.

    Client: Comune di Cisternino
    : 2023
    Location: Cisternino (BR), Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi) + Francesco Martella
    Collaborators: Alessandro Cardile, Francesca Luppi, Margherita Serdino