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  • MONOGRID Experimental Sensory Hub

    On the ground floor of a building on Via Lecco, the first Milanese home of MONOGRID’s Experimental sensory Hub presents itself to the lively neighborhood that hosts it as a flexible and modular space, where architecture and phygital experiences merge into one multifaceted creative project.

    Specifically designed materials and furnishings translate the imagery of the studio’s creative production on an installation level, leaving users free to appropriate and manage the space.

    Structures made of extruded aluminum profiles, paste-colored mdf for horizontal surfaces, pvc strips to separate rooms and blue honeycomb polycarbonate characterize atmospheres and colors of the rooms. Lighting is provided by tubular elements, declined in various configurations, and technical ceiling panels.

    The rooms, organized in a ring-like manner around the courtyard, are articulated according to an increasing level of privacy, from the public character of the showroom with windows on the street to the work and meeting spaces in the innermost part of the fund.

    The reversible character of the installations allows for rapid change from office use to exhibition and event set, with the counter element performing the triple function of reception, DJ station and bar.

    Client: MONOGRID s.r.l.
    Year: 2022-2023
    Location:  Milan, Italy
    Dimension:  200 mq
    Team: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi)
    Collaborators: Francesco Martella, Chiara Santini
    Contractors: CM Clima, StarEvents, Il Mosaico
    Artist: Luca Rancy
    Technical partner:
    Suppliers: Milper Profiles, Martinelli Luce
    Photos: Nicolò Panzeri