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  • New school complex Montalcino

    The genesis of the proposal originates from an attentive reading of the urban, architectural and landscape fabric, from which it draws shapes, measures, positions, alignments, materials.
    The project fits discreetly into the Spuntone area, pursuing a mimetic approach without giving up expressing its strong identity. The complex architectural program is resolved in territorial signs rather than in emerging buildings, preserving and updating the consolidated landscape of terraces that has characterized this urban margin for centuries.

    Client: Comune di Montalcino
    Year:  2019
    Location: Montalcino, Italy
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Structural design: aei progetti (Niccolò De Robertis)
    Landscape design: Gianna Galgani
    Collaborators: Lorenzo Ciccalè, Luca Lanchini
    Images: Prospettica