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  • Piazza del Tiratoio

    In the neighbourhood once destined for wool processing in the Florentine Oltrarno area, a new cocktail bar is located within a large vaulted space with bays, formerly a storage space for boats.
    The bar area is filtered by a threshold space intended as a winter garden.
    The counter dominates the space and hierarchises the functions, revealing itself behind an arched glass frame. The toilets and ancillary rooms are behind an exhibition wall which forms the backdrop to the room.
    Dark bricks, lime plaster and brushed brass offer a welcoming and delicate atmosphere that accompanies customers in the flavors of the mixing without overwhelming them.

    Client: Bi.Bi & co s.r.l 
    Year: 2021-2022
    Location:  Firenze, Italia
    Dimension:  150 mq
    Team: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Collaborators: Paolo Buti, Clemente Nativi
    Contractors: Idealforme 2000, Malte Storiche, ACS automatismi, CM Clima
    Suppliers: Fameg, Ceramica Cielo, Cotto Manetti, Ciulli, CIAM
    Photos: Fabio Semeraro