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  • Square and multi-storey car park Cles

    The massing of the project is characterized by a simple and linear geometry, measuredly embedded into the context through a stepped profile gently marked by a regular texture, a rhythm of pillars and pilasters in light gray concrete to which metal panels act as a counterpoint and signal accesses. The architectural language of the new emerging elevations is memory and abstraction both of references to the national architectural tradition, such as the colonnade, as well as to the local social and productive culture, specifically to the seriality of concrete poles for fruit growing that characterize, especially in the winter season, the man-made landscape of the Val di Non. The public spaces are imagined as devices for observing the landscape, privileged views towards the park and the surrounding mountains.

    Client: Comune di Cles
    Year: 2020-2021
    Location: Cles, Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Structural design: AEI progetti (Niccolò de Robertis)
    MEP and fire prevention design
    : Consilium (Leopoldo d’Inzeo, Leonardo d’Inzeo)
    Acoustic design: Luca Alfinito
    Geologist: Terra & Opere (Gabriele Paolini)
    Landscape design
    : Gianna Galgani
    Collaborators: Andrea Dechamps, Fiamma Leoncini, Francesco Martella
    Images: Slim Studio
    Prize: Second prize, two-stage competition