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  • Swimming pool F

    The swimming pool is part of the environmental protection of the Cerbaie Hills, characterized by a landscape and biodiversity context of great naturalistic value. The dark cladding and the Florentine pietra forte flush with the lawn are entrusted with the task of inserting the project in this place, making the image of a water mirror in which the surroundings are reflected.
    The variety of native plant species completes the scene: the deciduous trees make the natural cycle of plants the protagonist, bringing back to the garden a mutability of shapes and colors that are always different in every season; the evergreens with their stillness and the dark color of the foliage remain the backbone of the design; the herbaceous plants at their feet guarantee continuous suggestions.

    Client: Private
    Year: 2019-2021
    Location: Pisa, Italy
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Structural design: Ing. Alessandro Ratti
    Landscape design: Land. Arch. Gianna Galgani
    Geologist: Dott. Marianna Genovesi
    Contractor: Donati piscine s.r.l., Lucarelli piante s.r.l.
    Photos: Fabio Semeraro