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  • Conversion Former Monastery Badia Sant'Agata Catania

    The intention of the project is to preserve the historical-architectural character of the building, bringing to light its qualities and enhancing its features. The architectural programme is articulated according to an increasing level of privacy: on the city level, public and collective functions are located, on the upper floor, spaces with a predominantly private vocation.
    In the interiors, a new terrazzo flooring in dark tones is in chromatic continuity with the external plastering of the building and the historical buildings in Catania. The base cladding in wooden panels follows the perimeter of the room, accommodating integrated furnishings and concealing the installations, so as to limit demolitions on the ancient structures. The mobile furnishings are conceived as characterising elements of the space, made of painted recycled wood panels.
    The open areas of the complex, such as the cloister, are configured as an extension of the city, with great flexibility of arrangement, becoming an opportunity for bottom-up design for the users.

    Client: Comune di Catania
    : 2023
    Location: Catania (CT), Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi)
    Collaborators: Francesco Martella, Marco Poggialini, Zoe Socratus