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  • Retrobottega

    A small commercial fund located within the first walls of Florence, once used for the resale of salts and tobaccos, is revitalized and adapted to the new commercial activity dedicated to Cibarie and Mescita.
    By compressing the space in the center of the room, the service spaces are introduced and the administration and consumption areas are hierarchized on the spot.
    The counter, equipped with a double soul, allows simultaneous service both inside and outside the restaurant, thanks to the three views on the smallest block of the historic city center.
    Impruneta terracotta, calamine iron and continuous surfaces in earth brown micro-cement describe a color palette that refers to the Tuscan territory in a harmonious way and in balance with the food and wine products.


    Client: Exit s.r.l 
    Year: 2021-2022
    Location:  Firenze, Italia
    Dimension:  50 mq
    Team: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Collaborators: Clemente Nativi
    Contractors: Sotira Edile, Malte Storiche, Stilcold, Elettroinn s.a.s.
    Suppliers: Ceramica Cielo, Cotto Manetti, Artemide
    Photos: Fabio Semeraro