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  • Adaptive reuse Agricultural Institute Villacidro

    The redevelopment of the school complex, through the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, is made evident by the redefinition of the elevations through a brick cladding with a meandering section for the ground floor and raw earth plaster for the upper floors, resulting from a total energy redevelopment for both the opaque and glazed parts. The earth in shades of red, cork and anodized aluminum define the local identity of the design proposal, declining regional materials in contemporary stylistic solutions, in balance between memory and innovation.
    The choice of low-tech green building solutions, based on low complexity solutions and on traditional materials, on the one hand responds to the need to contain costs and execution times, on the other hand it favors the involvement of local workers and knowledge. A translation, in the field of design and construction, of the “slow” and “zero kilometer” approach of the agri-food industry for which the students of this complex will be trained.

    Client: Provincia del Sud Sardegna
    : 2022-2023
    Location: Villacidro, Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi), Francesco Martella
    Structural and MEP design: GPA Partners
    Landscape design: Renna Studio
    Geologist: Geo Eco Progetti
    Collaborators: Matteo Batistini, Fiamma Leoncini, Jurgen Rina
    Images: Hut Studio
    Prize: Second prize, two-stage competition