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  • Atelier Rooms Palazzo Buontalenti

    The project envisages the fitout of two rooms to host the Atelier of Palazzo Buontalenti, the space dedicated to the educational activities of Pistoia Musei. The multifunctional rooms, in addition to educational workshops, can play the role of a civic centre capable of hosting meetings and educational activities in the heart of the city, in continuity with the exhibition spaces of Palazzo Buontalenti, Palazzo de’ Rossi and the offices of Fondazione Caript.
    In the two main rooms, the identity of the project is entrusted to the bicoloured white-green colour scheme, a chromatic alternation reminiscent of Pistoia’s monuments. The resin flooring, metal mesh fittings and new internal doors define the domain of green, while the large wall and vaulted areas are characterised by a milk-white colour against which the finely restored original pietra serena elements emerge. Circles of light, suspended just below the line of the capitals on which the elegant historic vaults are set, illuminate the rooms in a diffuse manner. In the secondary rooms, used for the storage and cleaning of artistic instruments as well as for toilets, the yellow colouring of the resin, lime plaster and tiles acts as a warm tonal counterpoint to the main rooms. The possibility of reconfiguring spaces to accommodate a wide range of different activities was considered in the choice of furniture. Folding tables and stackable stools were selected and sized to be easily stored, when not in use, in the appropriate storage spaces. Oak wood and white steel finishes complete the material and colour palette of the rooms.

    Client: Fondazione Caript, Pistoia Musei
    Year: 2022-2023
    Location: Pistoia, Italia
    Dimension: 80 mq
    Team: AFS(Antonio Acocella, Pietro Seghi)
    Collaborators: Margherita Serdino
    Contractors: Piacenti, Semar, ZR Light, Idealforme 2000
    Suppliers: Calce del Brenta, Grandinetti, Ideallux Gruppo Raina, Mara, Olivari, SoloEco, TaniniHome, Zucchetti
    Photos: Lorenzo Zandri