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  • Secondary school Petriolo

    The school complex is imagined as a composite, sober, discreet organism. It is divided into a multiplicity of spaces that are combined with each other: from those that must ensure levels of privacy and quiet, independence and autonomy, compared to others that invite participation, exchange, sharing.
    The architecture of the school adopts the courtyard typology and seeks a dialogue with the context through the reinterpretation of the forms and materials of local architecture.
    The façade is conceived pursuing a unitary architectural language, an expression of a constructive tradition linked to the culture of the places, highlighting the forms and structural characteristics of the building. The external cladding system consists of a ventilated facade whose cladding is made up of prefabricated elements in extruded brick.

    Client: Comune di Petriolo
    Year: 2020
    Location:  Petriolo, Italia
    Architectural design: AFSa (Antonio Acocella, Alessandro Falaschi, Pietro Seghi)
    Structural design: AEI Progetti
    MEP design: Consilium srl
    Acoustic design: Studio associato ANL
    Landascape design: Land. Arch. Gianna Galgani
    Geologist: Terra & Opere srl
    Collaborators: Andrea Dechamps, Stefano Lacala, Fiamma Leoncini, Francesco Martella